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Window Warranty


If the glass is broken for any reason after the window has been installed, the manufacturer will provide you with a replacement insulated glass unit at no charge. The warranty is in force for as long as the original purchaser resides in and owns the property in which the windows were installed. The warranty is not transferable. Installation is not covered and is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. If the window is used in a new construction application, the warranty will take effect with the occupancy of the home.


This warranty is provided only for windows purchased for and installed in single family residential dwellings. It does not apply to commercial buildings, rental property, apartments, multi-family units, schools, etc. Removal of the windows from the opening invalidates the warranty. Acts of God (i.e., fires, windstorms, hail, hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes) and acts of civil unrest, wars and riots are excluded from coverage.


This warranty covers defects as specified herein and does not include material defects. This warranty does not include damage attributable to normal wear and tear, damages caused by accidents, fire, flood, vandalism, accidental breakage by force, or other Acts of God, misuse, mildew, mold, building settlement, structural failure of walls or occurrences beyond NextWave Construction’s control are also excluded. General maintenance such as dirty window tracks, debris, and cleaning are not included. The sole responsibility of NextWave Construction under this warranty is stated herein and it shall not be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages.


The coating applied by the manufacturer on the window products is warranted as follows:

1. Duration of warranty will be for 10 years from date of order shipment from the manufacturer to its distributor.

2. The manufacturer warrants the coating against any chipping, peeling, or blistering. In addition, the coated product is warranted against significant ultraviolet discoloration.

3. As relates to normal weathering, all coated products will be expected to have some change in color during the duration of this warranty. The coated product as supplied by the manufacturer is warranted not to exceed a Delta E greater than 5 units due to normal weathering conditions over a 10-year period from date of order shipment.


4. The warranty is not applicable under the following conditions: 

• If damage is caused by any external factor such as acidic wash, foreign chemicals applied to coated products, blowing sand, hard tack tapes, yard chemicals, etc. 

• Damage caused by foreign objects, fires, hurricanes, flooding, tornados, and any Acts of God.  

• Variations in finish due to minor touch up after units are installed. 

5. Should you wish to file a claim regarding the performance of the coated product, claims are to be made using the manufacturer’s claim form submitted to the company. In the event a claim, after investigation by the manufacturer, is deemed to be valid the manufacturer will, at its sole discretion, have the option to repair, replace, or refund the original price paid for the unit in question. Under no circumstances would the refund exceed the original purchase price for the affected unit(s) from the manufacturer to the distributon.

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